Sonax Chain Oil Ultra Silicone 50ml

High quality lubricant for extreme loads and fast running chains. Water, dust and dirt repellent. Solvent-free. 100% silicone oil. The bike series from the premium manufacturer Sonax consists of 7 products, the products are for the areas of cleaning, protecting and lubricating. The bike care products for a shiny frame, a smooth-running chain and lasting driving pleasure. With the BIKE series SONAX offers effective care products for all parts and demands – also very special for e-bikes and very important, made in Germany.

300 ден

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  • SONAX Bike silicone chain care oil ultra for extreme loads.
  • High performance lubricant for bicycle chains.
  • Specially developed for the demanding mountain biker and racer.
  • Effectively protects against wear and allows extreme loads.
  • Durable corrosion protection.
  • Water, dust and dirt repellent.
  • Place of manufacture: made in Germany